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Why Our Competitors Can’t Compete

I think most people would agree that we tend to be creatures of habit. We tend to get the same drinks at Starbucks, drive the same way to work, and shop at the same stores. We like consistency. We like routine. It’s no wonder that when we think about consumer electronics like LCD’s, Projectors, Monitors, and HDTV cables, we think about big box retailers, specifically, our local yellow tag warehouse. We like their image, their location, their…. Prices? Well, typically no, but they price match… right?

The truth is, they only price match other big box retailers! According to their own published policies, they do not match Internet Retailers, guys like us! Am I insulted? Of course not! This simply tells you, yes you, that they cannot compete with us!

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right, you’re getting the ol’ switch-a-roo from our yellow tag friends! “We price match,” so they say, when really they mean, “We price match, sort of…”

So, if you’re into, you know, saving money, then check us out at

Yours Truly,

LSA Team

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