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LSA is a nationwide technology-based product and installation company. According to the CES, technology integrators are “product and installation professionals who specialize in home entertainment, communications, networking, security, and convenience products and installed technologies.” It is by this definition that we find ourselves most comfortably recognized. The true nature of our business is not restrained to any particular market or client, in fact we often find ourselves working concurrently in the commercial and residential marketplace. Our services take us from multifaceted home theater installations to troubleshooting multimedia conferencing centers in downtown high-rises. If it’s technology based, chances are we’ve worked with it, we can provide it, and can certainly install it. Here’s a closer look at what we can provide for you.

Consultation and Site Planning

Before you purchase any new technology or install any existing technology, it is essential to understand your needs in that particular technology. For example, suppose you’re looking for a new flat panel TV and you go out and purchase the shiny, name-brand LCD that the sales person recommends. In the store, the TV is glamorous, 42inch screen, 1080p resolution, and 240Hz of eye-popping clarity. After getting the LCD TV home you review the set up instructions and even manage to get the thing turned on. However, the picture isn’t what you saw in the store, in fact, the picture quality is worse than your old tube TV. Little did you know that the picture quality you observed in the store was supported by HDMI, HD component, and fiber optical cabling, additionally, the cables were transferring high definition optical signals through a Blue-ray disc player. To achieve the clarity that dazzled you in the store and motivated you to purchase the darn LCD TV in the first place, you’ll need a whole array of additional products. We see this happen all the time, and we sincerely want you to avoid this. That’s why we’re proud to offer product consultation and site planning services to ensure that you never buy a technology that doesn’t meet your needs or isn’t compatible with your existing system.

Set Up, Calibration, and Installation

Technology based products are perhaps the most underutilized items of all consumer based products. In the vast majority of cases, consumers never use or even understand all of the capabilities of their technology based products. Take computers for example, most people use a computer to navigate the internet, create Microsoft Office documents, and perhaps run a program or two. These operations however, can be performed and efficiently run by the cheapest and most basic computers, yet consumers still shell out thousands of dollars to purchase an advanced computer. The truth is, computers are capable of far, far more than most consumers will ever experience or even know. The same goes for most all technologies, they are capable of far more than just the typical functions that we use them for. A technology integrator can assist you with the proper setup and calibration of your technology to ensure that you are taking full advantage of all of its capabilities. We believe that when you have a better understanding of your investment, whether you utilize it or not, you’re more likely to enjoy the full value of your purchase.

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